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Simply upload a PDF or an image, find specific information. extract key insights or summarize.

Turn YouTube videos into study notes, blog posts, offer TLDRs, and assess pros and cons

Upgrade your life with Budget Travel Planner, Fitness Plan, Custom Study Schedule & Hacks.

Writing a thesis and need help with writing your methodology? Let Ai give you some ideas

Simulate interview scenarios, ask questions, and provide feedback with an actual ai.

Transform your sources into flawless APA citations instantly.Reference your sources.

Applying to 20 jobs per day? Craft compelling cover letters that make employers take notice.

Need ideas for your final year thesis. Use our AI assisted project generator to craft research topic ideas

Craft persuasive recommendation letters that highlight the best in every student

50+ AI Tools and 24/7 Access to AI Tutors.

Cover letter input vs output sample

Use the slide to check user input vs Ai output. Generate unique cover letters for each job applications.

Scholarship motivation letter input vs output sample

Use the slide to check user input vs Ai output. Get inspiration for your next scholarship application motivation letter.

Meet your 24/7 online AI teachers

james cooper student ai app

James Copper

Research assistant

James is a highly trained human-like Ai teacher to help you write your thesis and school assignments.

Susan Jonas

Online language tutor

Susan will be your Personal Language Tutor. Learn and improve your language skills in a fun interactive way.

allison ai teacher student ai app

Allison Torres

Maths problem solver

Do you have a mathematics problem and you need a mathematics teacher to help you understand better?

nelson student ai teacher

Nelson Roberts

Online Mock interviewer

So you have an interview coming up and you need to prepare? Nelson will help you get ready.

arjun ai

Arjun Menon

Computer Science & Programming Tutor

Arjun makes programming concepts clear and aids in debugging your code.

joon - data teacher studentai app

Joon Kim

Data Analytics Mentor

Joon clarifies and teaches data analysis, statistics and visualization concepts

dr imani student ai app teacher

Dr. Imani Odera

Health & Medicine Expert

Dr. Imani explains health and medicine, including body functioning, medicine, and related topics.

lila sustainability teacher studentai app

Lila Ferreira

Sustainability Guide

Lila helps you grasp concepts of renewable energy and conservation.

ayana - ai - studentai app teacher

Ayana Bekele

Physics & Chemistry Tutor

Ayana offers personalized tutoring for physics and chemistry students.

dimitri finance student ai app

Dimitri Ivanov

Finance Tutor

Dimitri offers insights into the world of finance, simplifying complex concepts.

catalina art teacher studentai app

Catalina Alvarez

Arts & Literature Expert

Catalina is our inspiring AI Tutor for arts and literature. Helps you discover your hidden passions.

lucas geography history teacher studentai

Lucas Bennett

History & Geography Tutor

Lucas teaches history and geography. Understand historical events and explore different cultures.

yasmin studdentaiapp ai teacher

Yasmin Mahmoud

Business & Entrepreneurship Expert

Yasmin navigates the corporate world and entrepreneurship.

Eliza Mitchell

Career Counselor

Eliza helps guide you through career choices and offers insights.

ravi riddle master studentai

Ravi Desai

Riddle Master

Ravi teases your brain with intriguing riddles and puzzles, fostering engagement and curiosity.

student ai app teacher kai

Kai Zhou

Stock Trading Strategist

Kai assists you in understanding the stock market dynamics and building strategies.

Ai teacher assisting student improve methodology

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AI Tools for students, graduates,
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Begin by navigating to our diverse range of AI productivity tools tailored for students and graduates. Whether you're perfecting an essay, brainstorming a unique project topic, or crafting the perfect cover letter, select the tool that aligns with your current needs. The selection will pave the way for a seamless and interactive user experience in the next step.

ai tools for students. features
Statement of purpose letter

Once you've selected your tool, the platform will guide you to a dedicated input area. Here, you can provide the specifics of your project. If you're looking to refine an essay, paste your content for grammar checks or paraphrasing. For those seeking project topics or cover letter assistance, provide a brief description of your interests or job role. Our system is designed to understand the nuances of your input, ensuring that the results are tailored and relevant.


Your results will be displayed in a clear and organized manner. For written content, you'll see highlighted suggestions and improvements.

There are even more tools available for everyone. Get started for free.

Craft a compelling narrative for your academic journey with our Statement of Purpose Writer, tailored to showcase your passion and potential.

Condense lengthy essays into concise summaries without losing essence. Dive into the main points quickly with our Essay Summarizer

Highlight your unique story, achievements, and aspirations effortlessly with our Personal Statement Writer, designed to make you stand out

Stuck on a code? Our Coding Helper assists in debugging, offers coding suggestions, and helps you understand complex programming concepts.

Turn your sources into perfectly formatted APA citations. Our APA Reference Converter ensures every detail aligns with the latest guidelines.

Craft impeccable MLA citations with ease. Our MLA Reference Writer takes the guesswork out of formatting, letting you focus on the content.

Kickstart your thesis research with thought-provoking questions. Our Research Questions Generator offers tailored prompts to guide your inquiry.

From algebra to calculus, solve math problems in a snap. Our Math Problem Solver provides step-by-step solutions to guide you to the answer.

Embark on a linguistic journey with our Language Teacher. Learn, practice, and master new languages with AI-driven lessons and feedback.

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