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Access 24/7 AI Genius Team that are based on famous historic characters.

Each also links to the Talent Dynamics Square, which leads to each user’s own profile and self-awareness.


Albert Einstein

Visionary Innovator

Einstein will inspire innovative thinking and ground-breaking solutions in product and planning.



Sovereign Brand Builder

Cleopatra will enhance branding strategies with charismatic leadership and customer relationship.


George Washington

Founding Leader

George Washington will build cohesive teams and foster unity, leading organizations with integrity and vision.


Mahatma Gandhi

Harmony in Negotiation

Mahatma Gandhi will facilitate peaceful negotiations and harmonious partnerships, mastering conflict resolution.


Mother Theresa

Advocate of Compassion

Mother Theresa will prioritize customer welfare and service, embedding compassion in business practices.


Andrew Carnegie

Industrial Efficiency

Andrew Carnegie will optimize operations for industrial efficiency and sustainable growth.

Queen Elizabeth I

Monarch of Management

Queen Elizabeth I will oversee projects with foresight, managing risks, and ensuring successful outcomes.


John D. Rockefeller

Tycoon of Finance

John D. Rockefeller will manage financial strategies and risk, ensuring fiscal integrity and growth.


Leonardo Da Vinci

Inventive Genius

Leonardo will solve complex problems with inventive solutions, enhancing product development and efficiency.

Marie Curie

Pioneer of Discovery

Marie Curie will apply scientific rigor to research and development, pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Alan Turing

Chief AI Officer | Genius Group

Helps in building strategies with data-driven insights. Lets pioneer innovation together.



Renaissance Designer

Michelangelo will guide in crafting aesthetically compelling and distinct brand and design concepts.

AI C-Suite Team assisting entrepreneurs.

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2 Week AI Influencer Microschool | Online | 8th - 19th July

Apply AI in creating compelling social media content, including videos and graphics. This course offers insights into leveraging AI for a stronger online presence and engagement.

2 Week AI Metaversity Microschool | Online | 14th - 25th October

Develop AI-enhanced virtual learning environments, making content more interactive and impactful. Apply AI that cater to the needs of diverse learners.

1 Day AI Workshop | Singapore 28th June

Join us LIVE in Singapore for an exclusive one-day immersive and hands on workshop to master AI, tailor GPTs, and revolutionize your business with bespoke AI strategies.

Access 12+ AI Tools for your Business

Simply upload a PDF or an image, find specific information. extract key insights or summarize.

Turn YouTube Webinars into interactive notes, blog posts, offer TLDRs, and assess pros and cons

Upgrade your life with Budget Travel Planner, Fitness Plan, Custom Schedule & Hacks to run your day to day business.

Easily create compelling product descriptions that sell. Increase conversions and boost sales.

Simulate interview scenarios, get interview questions which you can use to screen candidates and provide feedback with an actual ai.

Generate high quality code in seconds with the help of our powerful software, designed to streamline the coding process.

The AI tool that turns audio speech from text with ease. Get ready to generate custom audio files from text quickly and accurately.

Just choose your topic, and watch AI whip up SEO-optimized blog content in a matter of seconds!

Quickly create helpful FAQs. Our AI-powered generator provides custom responses to common questions in seconds.

Make informed decisions with ease. Generate unbiased pros and cons lists that help you weigh options and make better choices.

Customize your weekly schedule and strategies for balancing studies with personal commitments.

In just a matter of seconds, effortlessly create striking visuals that captivate your audience.

AI Tools and 24/7 Access to C-Suite Team.

Blog Post Ideas input vs output

Use the slide to check user input vs Ai output. Generate unique blog post ideas for your website or LinkedIn articles.

Pros & Cons input vs output sample

Use the slide to check user input vs Ai output. Get every idea you have evaluated using our pros and cons tool.

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